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Writing Assault and Why You Should Avoid It (2021)

I wrote a short essay on problematic tropes I came across while critiquing science fiction works on This article is intended as a resource for writers, and as such, I presented an annotated list of online articles and books to help prevent writers from presenting women's bodies as narrative objects.

How to Build A World Into A Podcast (2019)

With the launch of my sci-fi audio drama, Arca-45672, I wrote a guest posting on the UVic student life blog outlining the process of how to turn the seed of an idea into a large-scale project.

Painters on Paintings: Claire Scherzinger on Kelly Richardson (2018)

While Kelly Richardson does not make paintings her work comes from a world influenced by the subject. Romanticist paintings, notions of the sublime and a dedication to exploring uncanny landscapes makes for work that can only be written about with a mixture of poetry and prose.

BlackFlash (2018)

In my attempt to deal with digital culture and the state of criticism, I wrote an essay about memes, and how we use images to critique the state of the world around us, our peers in what can seem like a harmful, but also timely medium. 

Jasmine Reimer: Small Obstructions at Georgia Scherman Projects (2017)

My review of Jasmine Reimer's exhibition Small Obstructions at Georgia Scherman Projects.

"I have always felt this feeling of a slow burn when in the room with Jasmine Reimer’s work. The burn is much like the love for a favourite music group, one who keeps inventing themselves over and over and each album you listen to, you love for completely different reasons. Yet you know that the essence of them remains the same throughout the ages..."

Read the entire article here.

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