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//Claire Scherzinger uses painting, writing, and digital media to depict imagined exo-planetary worlds. They are predominantly interested in the Western canon of science fiction and how it has influenced Western entities to envision the future in hopeful and problematic ways. As space colonization begins in earnest, Scherzinger uses imagined worlds as a sandbox to dissect and consider common issues in science fiction texts, such as resource extraction and the re-romanticization of frontier life. Their overriding aim with their work is always to inspire hope by imagining better and more inclusive futures for all people.//

Claire Scherzinger has a BFA in drawing and painting and creative writing from OCAD University and an MFA in interdisciplinary arts from the University of Victoria. Their work has appeared in exhibitions across Canada and internationally in the US and UK.

They were a purchase prize winner of the 2015 Royal Bank of Canada-funded Painting Competition and were shortlisted for the Equitable Bank Emerging Digital Artist Award in 2019. Their work has been acquired by both banks. 

Scherzinger currently resides in the Pacific Northwest and, in 2021, became a member of SOIL Artist Collective in Seattle. In 2023, they left Soil to further their career as a science fiction writer. Scherzinger's work has appeared or is forthcoming in the following magazines/webzines: Planet Scumm, Giganotosaurus, Polar Borealis, Andromeda Spaceways, Mythaxis, and Samjoko. They are currently working on a novel while exhibiting their work in Canada and the US. 

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