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Fractured Utopia

Karsh-Masson Gallery, Ottawa ON


Brendan A. de Montigny, Colin Canary, Tyler Armstrong, and Claire Scherzinger

Featuring the video works: 

The Garden Along the Coast, 2019

The Wastelands, 2020

Exhibition Statement: 

​What is it to dream of near and distant futures?

Presented as a faux-museum retrospective, Tyler Armstrong, Colin Canary, Brendan A. de Montigny, and Claire Scherziner join forces in an exhibition from some imagined future time. Weaving a compelling and foreboding narrative of what is happening in our world today, hindsight is attributed to the visitor’s perspective, as they ‘look back’ on the artwork. Throughout the exhibition each artist’s work is contextualized through a series of didactic panels written from a futuristic perspective that highlight our current issues in the works’ themes of alienation, ecological destruction, and the inevitable decay of our current civilization.

The Garden Along The Coast

Audio/Video Installation

Run Time: 9 min 52 sec


Edition of 4

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Installation view, Fractured Utopia, 2022 (Garden Along The Coast, pictured)

The Wastelands

Audio/Video Installation

Run Time: 10 min 11 sec


Edition of 4

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Installation view, Fractured Utopia, 2022 (The Wastelands, pictured)


Installation view, Fractured Utopia, 2022 

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