Short Fiction

The Seed Man

Published in the autumn 2021 issue of Mythaxis.

White Tulip 

In Issue #87 of Andromeda Spaceways webzine, 2022

How To Set A Starship On Fire

Published on the flash fiction website 365 Tomorrows, 2021

Also forthcoming in the webzine Polar Borealis

Lethe River

In Samjoko webzine, 2022

The Spider's Way (forthcoming)
In Issue #16 of Planet Scumm


Writer's Digest Writing Competition Anthology, 2011 (print)

My poem, Ethereal Existence won first place for non-rhyming poetry. 

Carousel, 2014 (print)

My poem, Nomenclature for the Periodic Table appeared in issue 33 of the hybrid arts and lit magazine. Back issues are available here.