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The year is 2172 and the world is dying. Ten percent of the environment and animal kingdom remains. The world is running out of food. As such, a good chunk of the human population has gone sterile during these hard times. There has been massive inbreeding and genetic distortions. The people born are born to the rich who can afford gene therapy, but these children are still very sickly and will most often die. With few options, a group of scientists and military personnel are confronted with one option to save humanity: a signal has been sent to Earth from an exoplanet four light-years away. It is a signal from the long-forgotten probe, Pioneer 10. This re-discovery comes with the realization that a new race of humanity has arisen on the exoplanet Arca-45672, and could potentially hold the genetic salvation for all Earthlings. But in dealing with humans, there is always just as much risk, as there is a reward.

This podcast follows Dr. Ben Verrinder, Major Roya Khan and their group of explorers as they all embark on the greatest adventure humanity could ever hope to take.


Dr. Ben Verrinder- Ryan Kniel

Major Roya Khan- Margaret Hicks

Dr. Ariel Drezner- Brendan Sugden

Dr. Margaux Reese- Parker Feenstra

Colonel Schaffer- Nicholas Guerreiro

Lieutenant Johnstone- Kaelan Bain

Private Imani Zain- Taylor Williams

General Hardy- Paul Cridge

Octavia/Sirius- Parker Feenstra and Paul Cridge

Captain Zola- Nicholas Guerreiro

Secretary-General Torres- Paul Cridge

First Officer- Brendan Sugden

Production Team

Executive Producer: Claire Scherzinger

Director/Producer: Kirsten Sharun

Writer: Claire Scherzinger

Sound Engineer/Producer: William Lynch

Sound Design: Claire Scherzinger

With special thanks to Cliff Haman, Kirk McNally, and the University of Victoria.

Prologue: Last Days on Earth
Recommended listening: Use headphones 
Chapter 2: Civilization
Recommended listening: Use headphones 
Chapter 4: A Reckoning
Recommended listening: Use headphones 
Chapter 6: Into The Dark Forest
Recommended listening: Use headphones 
Arca-45672 Trailer

Over the course of 2018-2019, I worked with countless amazing individuals to make this project happen. Thank you to CBC Arts, who gave the podcast excellent media coverage, and the University of Victoria for use of their excellent recording studio. 

Finally, thank you to the countless individuals who worked on this project. It wouldn't have been possible without you. 

Chapter 1: The Manu
Recommended listening: Use headphones 
Chapter 3: The River
Recommended listening: Use headphones 
Chapter 5: Those Like Us
Recommended listening: Use headphones 
Chapter 7: Deterrence
Recommended listening: Use headphones 
Recommended listening: Use headphones 
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