Claire Scherzinger


Claire Scherzinger depicts the uncanny as a way of resisting systems of power and considering better ways to live within western civilization. Scherzinger is an interdisciplinary artist working with digital and analogue mediums to develop the core of her practice, which is the process of building new worlds. Although she uses different tools and media she approaches her practice with the internal logic of a painter.

Claire Scherzinger has a BFA in drawing and painting and creative writing from OCAD University and an MFA from the University of Victoria. Her work has appeared in exhibitions across Canada and internationally in the US and UK. She was a purchase prizewinner of the 2015 Royal Bank of Canada funded Painting Competition and was a finalist for the Equitable Bank Emerging Digital Artist Award. Upcoming exhibitions include solo projects at YYZ in Toronto, and the Varley Art Gallery in Markham, ON. She was also the host of the art interview series podcast Overly Dedicated from 2017-2019 and is the creator behind the sci-fi audio drama ARCA-45672 with the support of the University of Victoria.



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