Claire Scherzinger

Arca-45672: The Podcast

A Note On the Work...

Over the course of a year I've worked with countless amazing individuals to make this project happen. At one point the contents of the podcast were readily available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and all kinds of popular hosting platforms. Arca received amazing coverage from institutions like CBC Arts and was a top performer on the iTunes charts in Canada.

However, podcasting as a field has rapidly expanded, and those who cannot afford to "pay to play" are being progressively shut out of the industry. There are some indie audio fiction podcasters who have found a way to persevere through this financial wall. Some podcasters use crowdfunding to make their projects a reality. Others use grants, or are personally wealthy. To make Arca required a great financial investment and was not sustainable beyond the first season to achieve the level of detail and quality I wanted it to be. Our cast was large and the sound effects and music ate up a huge part of the budget. While it was a great success, the bar was set at a level that required us to meet or exceed it. The funds required to do so were not available. 

I was also not interested in being subservient to the ups and downs of crowdfunding that would have been required to make a second season. I don't find this to be a sustainable business model when you are working as a writer, producer, editor and sound designer. Something always has to take a back seat, and in this case keeping up with Patreon benefits was what had to go.

Arca will continue on in various forms. As video works, as paintings and as novels. I hope to continually improve the story as it moves along, and find that with each new iteration my ability to tell a story improves.

Finally, thank you to the countless individuals who worked on this project. It wouldn't have been possible without you. 


 Prologue: Last Days on Earth

(For the full experience and audio panning often used throughout the podcast, it is recommended to listen with headphones)

Chapter 1 (Episode 2): The Manu

(For the full experience and audio panning often used throughout the podcast, it is recommended to listen with headphones)

Chapter 2 (Episode 3): Civilization

(For the full experience and audio panning often used throughout the podcast, it is recommended to listen with headphones)

Trailer and Cast Information

The year is 2172 and the world is dying. A small fraction of the Earth's former biosphere remains. The world is running out of food. During these hard times part of the human population has gone sterile. There has been massive inbreeding and genetic distortions. However, teams of scientists and military personnel tasked with finding a way to save humanity from extinction are confronted with a possible opportunity: an exoplanet near the Proxima Centauri system is discovered.

Over the course of 73 years, this discovery of the exoplanet sparks a series of probe and AI missions--all leading to the realization that a new branch of humanity has arisen on Arca-45672. Now, as the Earth's biosphere collapses, governments and military organizations scramble as they see potential salvation for their dying species in this exoplanet. But should humanity be content to merely survive?


Dr. Ben Verrinder- Ryan Kniel

Major Roya Khan- Margaret Hicks

Dr. Ariel Drezner- Brendan Sugden

Dr. Margaux Reese- Parker Feenstra

Colonel Schaffer- Nicholas Guerreiro

Lieutenant Johnstone- Kaelan Bain

Private Imani Zain- Taylor Williams

General Hardy- Paul Cridge

Octavia/Sirius- Parker Feenstra and Paul Cridge

Captain Zola- Nicholas Guerreiro

Secretary General Torres- Paul Cridge

First Officer- Brendan Sugden

Production Team

Executive Producer: Claire Scherzinger

Director/Producer: Kirsten Sharun

Writer: Claire Scherzinger

Sound Engineer/Producer: William Lynch

Sound Design: Claire Scherzinger

With special thanks to Cliff Haman, Kirk McNally and the University of Victoria.

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