Claire Scherzinger

Arca-45672: The Podcast

This production is supported by the University of Victoria.


The year is 2172 and the world is dying. A small fraction of the Earth's former biosphere remains. The world is running out of food. During these hard times part of the human population has gone sterile. There has been massive inbreeding and genetic distortions. However, teams of scientists and military personnel tasked with finding a way to save humanity from extinction are confronted with a possible opportunity: an exoplanet near the Proxima Centauri system is discovered.

Over the course of 73 years, this discovery of the exoplanet sparks a series of probe and AI missions--all leading to the realization that a new branch of humanity has arisen on Arca-45672. Now, as the Earth's biosphere collapses, governments and military organizations scramble as they see potential salvation for their dying species in this exoplanet. But should humanity be content to merely survive?

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Dr. Ben Verrinder- Octopus specialist. Head researcher at the Institute for Cephalopod Research in Alaska. Verrinder began this institute to support his research into octopuses. Former love interest of Roya.

Major Roya Khan- Exobiologist who entered the military to continue her research into Arca-45672. Former lecturer at MIT. Former love interest of Ben.

Dr. Ariel Drezner- Botanist with a specialization in alien climatology. Husband/partner of Dr. Reese. AI.

Dr. Margaux Reese- Linguist/anthropologist with a specialization in cosmological sociology. AI.

Colonel Schaffer- Ground commander of the Arca MissionLiaison to the UN Special Council of Extraterrestrial Contact.

Lieutenant Johnstone- Guard/escort for the scientists. Is the protégé/son of Colonel Schaffer.

Private Imani Zain- Liaison to the Chinese government on the ARCA mission.

General Hardy- Liaison to the US President of the ARCA missions.

Octavia/Siri- Ship AI and general AI.

Captain Zola- Captain on the Hardy Space Station

Secretary General Torres- Leader of the UN Interplanetary Council

First Officer- First Officer to Captain Zola on the Hardy Space Station

Production Team

Executive Producer: Claire Scherzinger

Director/Producer: Kirsten Sharun

Writer: Claire Scherzinger

Sound Engineer/Producer: William Lynch

Sound Design: Claire Scherzinger

With special thanks to Cliff Haman, Kirk McNally and the University of Victoria.

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