Otherworld Uprisings

By Claire Elizabeth Scherzinger

*photos are courtesy of Emily Scherzinger

This small collection is a test run for what I hope to submit one day to an actual publisher. Some of these poems will also appear in the upcoming edition of SHIFT, an award-winning magazine put out by the OCAD U Press each year. 

The collection is a narrative about two young adults imprisoned during the past G20 Summit in Toronto. They float in and out of consciousness to this “otherworld,” which is actually a historically accurate representation of 1650’s Canada just as the English entered the fur trade. The result of traveling in and out of this otherworld is seeing the parallels of human love and human brutality in two separate time periods within Canada. It is a coming of age story and a love story all told through various poems. 

All images are subject to copyright, Claire Scherzinger.
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