ARCA-45672 The Podcast:

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Dr. Ben Verrinder- Octopus specialist. Head researcher at the Institute for Cephalopod Research in Alaska. Verrinder began this institute to support his research into octopuses. Former love interest of Roya.

Major Roya Khan- Exobiologist who entered the military to continue her research into Arca-45672. Former lecturer at MIT. Former love interest of Ben.

Dr. Ariel Drezner- Botanist with a specialization in alien climatology. Husband/partner of Dr. Reese.

Dr. Margaux Reese- Linguist/anthropologist with a specialization in cosmological sociology. Her research is funded by the American military under the secret government project called HABITAT.

Colonel Schaffer- Ground commander of the Arca Mission. Liaison to the UN Special Council of Extraterrestrial Contact

Lieutenant Johnstone- Guard/escort for the scientists. Is the protégé/son of Colonel Schaffer.

Private Fen Ye- Liaison to the Chinese government on the ARCA mission. Also security escort to Dr. Reese and Drezner as they hibernated between the first ARCA mission and second on the ship.

General Hardy- Liaison to the President of the ARCA missions.


The year is 2150. Humanity has managed to salvage parts of the world’s environment, but there are still great casualties. Most of the marine and land animal population has gone extinct (10% remains). The world is running out of food. As such, a good chunk of the human population has gone sterile. The people born in tubes now are born to the rich who can afford gene therapy, but these children are still very sickly and will most often die.

Dr. Ben Verrinder is a cephalopod researcher who has built a relatively happy life for himself years after the death of his young son. He is one of the last cephalopod researchers in the world and has started the Institute for Cephalopod Research in the feeble hopes of training a new generation of scientists/biologists. He is minding his own business in Alaska until one day his ex-partner, Major Roya Khan, contacts him with the opportunity of a lifetime.

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