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The Eckalusian Strait,  Part of the C Magazine 2020 Auction

One of my works, The Eckalusian Strait is part of the C Magazine Art Auction, which will be online this year due to COVID concerns. A link to an online catalogue of the selected works can be found here. 

Arca-45672, The Podcast Is Nominated for Several Audio Verse Awards

01/10/2019: The cast and crew who put together this formidable podcast are nominated in several categories for the 2019 Audio Verse Awards. You can vote online at their website:

Arca-45672 is nominated in the following categories:

Claire Scherzinger for Best Writing for a New Audio Play Production

Claire Scherzinger for Best Environmental Sound Design of a New Audio Play Production

Best New Audio Play Production

Kirsten Sharun for Best Vocal Direction for a New Audio Play Production

Ryan Kniel as Dr. Ben Verrinder for Best Lead in a New Audio Play Production

Margaret Hicks as Major Roya Khan for Best Supporting Role in a New Audio Play Production

Upcoming Exhibition: Meaningful Code

October 26 – January 12, 2020
Opening reception: Thursday, November 7, 6 – 8 pm

Meaningful Code looks at the ways in which artists are engaging with emerging technologies and tools in order to speculate on what our collective future might look like.

Featuring works in video, animation, 3D printing, photography, digital collage, augmented reality, AI and hacking, these works explore how we are integrating technology into our lives, how digital futures might change the ways we see ourselves, and what it might mean to live alongside artificial life forms.

Participating Artists:

Thoreau Bakker
Amrita Chopra
Chun Hua Catherine Dong
Jean-René Leblanc
Laura Kay Keeling
Dave Kemp

Nadine Lessio
Jacqueline Mak
Adrienne Matheuszik
Claire Scherzinger
Tobias Williams

Curated by Katie Micak

The Last Ansible Transmission Nominated For An Emerging Digital Artist Award

27/08/19: An exhibition of the finalists works will open at Trinity Square Video on September 19th in Toronto. All finalists and the winner will receive cash prizes. The Last Ansible Transmission is a 20 minute video work chosen by a panel of artists and curators for Equitable Bank. 

Arca-45672 Covered by CBC Arts

05/19: Recently, Scherzinger was interviewed by Leah Collins, senior writer at CBC Arts, asking her how her work in painting morphed into a podcast. What prompted such a move? Find out here.

Video Trailer for Arca-45672, available now on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher or wherever you find podcasts.

Upcoming Solo Exhibitions:

Solo exhibition @ YYZ in Toronto, September 2021

And at the Varley Art Gallery in Markham, ON, September to January 2021

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