Claire Scherzinger

Shy Hologram

Shy Hologram

Part of the Exhibitions:

-Before, Mars @ Howard Park Institute

-Shy Hologram @Mulherin Toronto, Dec 8 2016-Jan 15th 2017

-Young Canadian Painting @ Cambridge Galleries, 2017

Lost In The World @ Mulherin NY, 2017

Selected Press:

-Art Maze Magazine (print and online)

-Painters on Paintings website

Shy Hologram (Installation view)

Thin Sun, Thin Rain, 2016

Sour Grass,


Afterburn--no spirit lingering,


Shy Hologram  (Installation view)

Shy Hologram, Installation View

Winter Spiders, 2016

Shy Hologram (Installation view)

You Will Never Know Paradise,


Incidental Prey, 2016

Shy Hologram (Installation view)

Uncorking, 2016

Art Maze Magazine Feature

Art Maze Magazine Feature

Installation View, Young Canadian Painting

Night Jungle Scene, 2017

Night Jungle Scene (left), installation view with work be Derrick Piens (right)

Orpheus With Clay Feet, 2017

Orpheus With Clay Feet (right), installation view

With work be Derrick Piens (left)

Dinner, 2017

Old and New Gods, 2017

First Contact: I am me you are you, 2017

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