Part of the Exhibitions:

Before, Mars @ Howard Park Institute

Shy Hologram @Mulherin Toronto

Dec 8 2016-Jan 15th 2017

Opening Dec 16th, 2016

Artist Statement: At the crux of my practice, the act of making is a process of attempting to break away from a world influenced by the Eurocentric history of the 20th century. To do this, I combine an otherworldly aesthetic into traditional oil paintings. This juxtaposing dialogue of high and low aesthetics is how I begin to contemplate the concept of personhood within our contemporary society as well as our post-human future.

These paintings are representative of these “other worlds” that I began to consider during a residency at the Banff Centre at the beginning of 2016. Over the course of this year I have narrowed that focus and have been intensely inspired by the history of Mars before the strike of solar flares that deteriorated the atmosphere and subsequently killed all plant life on the planet. In reaction to this topic, I have been rendering potential scenes containing different kinds of life through research and fabrication of biological entities.

The ultimate long-term goal for this body of work is to document the rise and fall of different “civilizations” (as humans understand the word) on different planets of my own creation. This narrative is meant to deliver a message: that the future is coming for us everyday and that it belongs to everyone.

All images are subject to copyright, Claire Scherzinger.
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